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The Billy Moon Foundation is a 501(c) 3 charity. Our mission is to advocate, raise awareness, and to increase organ donation across the country. The heart of the foundation is to provide support through representation of the first responder community, fundraising, and partnership with Organ Donor Organizations. We also strive to be a lifeline for our local communities and families in need.


How to register to be an organ donor


Continuing advocacy and awareness built around the significant impact organ donation can have.


Providing support to donor and recipient families, through lodging, food, transportation and other ways to ease the difficulty associated with a sick or dying loved one.


Introducing recipients and their families to mental health support, including counseling services and mentors who understand and have experienced such hardship.


Acting as a bridge of support to the first responder community and our local communities.

Our Story

William “Billy” Moon II, 47 was a friend and mentor to everyone.  A lifelong dreamer who aspired to be in the FDNY, and did not stop until he did. Known for his big personality, huge smile, and passion for the job, Billy was also a devoted husband and father of two.

After suffering a fatal fall on December 12, 2022, Billy answered his last alarm on December 20, 2022 with the final gift of donating his organs.  He left behind his wife Kristina and their two young children, Brianne (10) and Colin (9).  He is also survived by his parents, William and Patricia, his sister Christina VanSteen, and brother Robert.

Raised in Islip, New York, Billy was a 21-year member of the FDNY, in addition to a 28-year volunteer in the Islip Fire Department who served as Chief of Department from 2016-2018.  He began his career in L133 in South Jamaica Queens where he spent almost 20 years before transferring to Rescue 2 in Brooklyn.  Rescue 2 was a big milestone in his career as he knew the significance and was proud of the accomplishment he spent years working for.

Prior to his passing, Billy and Kristina had what she likes to refer to as “hard conversations,” because nobody wants to talk about what happens when they die.  Embedded in these conversations were Billy’s wishes to be an organ donor.  Upon his death, Billy saved the lives of five others, donating his liver, heart, lungs and both kidneys.  Two of his recipients were even retired members of the FDNY.

In the spirit of Billy’s life choices to be both a selfless first responder and organ donor, the Billy Moon Foundation was created to honor his memory.  In honoring his memory, we hope to continue building advocacy and awareness around organ donation, supporting those in the process and paying it forward to others in the first responder community.


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